How To Take Proper Care Of Your Smartphone

April 13, 2017

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello guys! Nowadays, smartphones have been an important essential to everyone. They help us to stay connected and communication with others regularly. Not only that, carrying around this pocket sized computer also can holds all of the personal memories and information. They are investments both financially and personally so it is important for you to take good care of the one that you got. It is not difficult to keep the lithium-ion powering our everything-machine happy if you follow these simple rules. Besides that, these rules will make your smartphone stay in perfect condition with lasts longer and save your financial.

1) Buy a phone casing and screen protector
These items are very helpful to protect the smartphone from knocks, scratches and internal damage since we always accidentally drop the smartphone. Moreover, they not only protect the smartphone on sudden falls but would also guard it from dirt and dust particles that cause damage to internal circuit.

2) Avoid using your smartphone while charging
Doing stuffs such as playing games or watching videos on smartphone while charging will cause the phone's battery heats up which will affect the battery life in the long run. There is also a chance for it to blow up. Once your smartphone's battery drop below 20%, charge your phone and let it be. Do something else such as reading book or spend time with your family. Sometimes, we need to do digital detox. Then, you can unplugged your smartphone once the battery reaches 100%.

3) Don't charge your smartphone battery from zero to 100%
It won't be fatal to the battery if you do a full recharge since most of us are forced to do this due to emergency. But do no let this happen frequently because it will shorten the battery's lifespan.

4) Clean your smartphone regularly
Our smartphone is literally covered in germs and it's disgusting. We constantly touching our smartphone that make all grossness get transferred right back to our face! Just grab alcohol wipes to disinfect the smartphone with less abrasive but still effective at killing all the germs. Do not use baby wipes, water or other cleaners that might corrode and remove the protective on the glass screen.

5) Organize the apps
Well-ordered home screen and apps literally can bring you more happiness and reduce stress. Other than that, delete the unnecessary apps because smartphone quickly become consumed that not only take up storage space but can also affect your smartphone's performance and battery life. So be creative on organizing your smartphone and you can click on this link for you to find some inspiration!

That's all from me and always remember to be reasonable and smart on how you use your smartphone. If you have another tip please leave you comment below! I would love to hear some of the ways that work well for you.

All images were taken from weheartit and pinterest.

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  1. I can do all of the tips above-mentioned except for "Avoid using your smartphone while charging" OMG! I've tried many times already, but I just can't! Bhahahahahaha...