Kind of Person That Attracts Me

March 28, 2017

Assamualaikum wbt and hello everyone! I know that I've been missing for couple weeks and didn't write any posts that I've listed before this. Actually, this month was a hectic month for me. I'm struggling finishing all my assessments since my final exam is around the corner. I can't even get any chance to update my blog that makes me feel so bad (sob). So, I'm going to continue to do the Blog Posts That I'm Yet To Write On March until the next month because I want to keep my promises and be a good blogger! ❤

Okay guys. Lets get back to the topic... Doesn't matter its male of female, I have my own point of view in what kind of person attracts me. For your information, I don't easy get attracted to someone. For today, I would like to talk about Kind of Person That Attracts Me and the person that I will describe later will applied for both genders;

  • People that gives me their attention and makes me their priority because everyone don't like being ignored by someone that we giving our time to he/she.
  • People who is always there for me during my ups and down. This shows that how important am I to he/she.
  • People who willing to listen all my problems and always gives me good advice.
  • People that have good sense of humors. Laughing with her/him makes me happy and release my stress. I will feel much relaxing.
  • People who don't take me for any granted. Obviously no one is going to like that kind of person.
  • People who love to share her/his great smile even I never meet he/she before.
  • People with high level of confidence that have no uncertainty about one's own abilities and sure of oneself.
  • People who are fun to be around with be open to being silly around and open to adventure.
What kind of person that attracts you? Let me know on the comment below!

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