9 Must-Have Dorm Room Essentials

March 05, 2017

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello everyone! Going to college could be a nightmare to some people especially those who going to stay in the dorm room. When I first received an offer from my college, the first thing I did was went to their website and look at the photo gallery of the dorm room. Then, I google about must-have-items for college for one week before I finally did some research about my course.

For sure you want to make sure everything and whenever you need are ready so you doesn't need to borrow from your new, awkward and not-so-close roommate. The list here might not be complete and differs among students but I will make sure I list down the basic need that applicable to all student.

1) Bed sheet
Some dorm room provide the bed sheet but most of them is not good in quality and everyone know that we are not the first one to use the sheet! It is safe for you to bring your own bed sheet. Make sure you pick the pretty one to bring some style to your room.

2) Toiletries bag
Must be organize with keep all your toiletries in one place to avoid you going back and forth from the bathroom to your room just because you forgot to bring your shampoo. I recommended the waterproof bag which is better and more convenience especially the one with hook.

3) Lamp
Having the right lighting is a must if you want to study at 3am to prepare for your tomorrow exam and I'm sure you probably don't want to wake up your roommate. Either study lamp or bed lamp, it will help you to have a good sleep in case you can't sleep in the dark.

4) First aid & Sewing kit
Your never knew when your favorite clothes will torn apart so this might come in handy someday. Hence, your mother won't be there to help you with sewing your torn clothes or cleaning your wound anymore. So you must start learning being an independent person and need to do everything by yourself. Welcome to life as college student!

5) Laundry bag
Where are you going to put your dirty clothes if not in the laundry bag? Definitely not on the floor! You must need one of this to make your laundry more organize plus keep your room and bed clean if you know what I mean.

6) Extensions
One is never enough for all college student. Of course you will be need this for your laptop, printer, phone charger and friends in case they don't have any extensions.

7) Water storage
You really need a water storage in your room. It will save your time and energy to go to the pantry whenever you feel thirsty.

8) Printer
This will be perfect when you have done with your assignment and you can just print right next to you without have to travel to the library or other place just to print your assignment.

9) Earphone/ Headphone
Music is always great to have around. While in your dorm it will probably be essential to have some headphones or earphones so you can vibe to your tunes without distracting others. If your roomate is fine with music being played aloud then go right ahead!

That's all for today and wishing you "Happy Packing". Hope this kind of topic will help and inspired you guys. Please check on your college website about what items that are allowed in your dorm room before you go off and start buying things. Adios!

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  1. good sharing! semua benda ni penting untuk yg baru nak masuk dorm.

  2. This is a really good sharing.. I do remember bought a lot stuff while getting ready to get into the college..

    1. yeah, since we don't have any experience on that time..it's hard to make decision haha

  3. I remember taking lot of stuff which most of it was my clothes and shoes. Don't forget to pack your books, notes, stationary and also a planner book

    XX Atheera | http://atheeradayana.com XX

  4. Cutenya extension tu. Nampak kemas dan cute. I think there must have any diy to make it like that, right?..hehehe

    1. you can found this diy on pinterest :D

  5. hmm,teddy bear x ada? bantal busuk? haha

  6. I tend to overpack my things and end up complaining about the small space of the bags. I should be doing a list-what-to-bring at first place hmm. Anyway, this post sure will be helpful for those freshie.