Visit a Museum at Seremban

September 05, 2016

assalamualaikum and hello guys! yesterday was a great day for me to start my happiness challenge with visit a museum at Seremban with my friends. thanks to them for willing to join me on that day. the museum is located in the central area of my college area.

when we enter the first hall, we can saw a collection of rare things and things of historical interest and that's why most people called a museum as a store house of all wonderful and valuable things. there are also a large collection of stamps and they were display on the wall. seeing all the stamps makes me remind about my mom because she loves to collect stamps and make it one as her hobby.

an old cash register

a post office section.

the museum also offered us a glimpse into the past culture of the country and we also saw many pictures of famous sultans with great personalities and soldiers also their pictures were hung on the wall. frankly speaking, i was fascinated to see the museum and progress of men through the ages.

our next section was a large collection of old daggers, shields, weapons, ornaments and coins from different era. all of the stuffs have it own history behind it and the true interpretation may or may not be actually known.

to mention all the collections in the museum is a very difficult task but it may be mentioned in passing that the museum contains a lot of model house and many other beautiful things.

the village life section was breath taking. a traditional village with all its rural setup is very nicely replicated in display.

visit a museum is an education on itself and one of my favorite things to do. the museum is well worth a visit. a day spent in it is not a day wasted but a day utilized in the best way possible. i thoroughly enjoyed myself on that day at the Seremban Museum.

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