Genetic Class Activity: Oreo Cell Division

July 19, 2016

assalamualaikum and hello peeps! today's genetic class was a blast! we asked to make the steps of cell division by using the oreo cookies. each group was given different number of choromosome and my groups have to start the cell division with 4 chromosomes. the aim of this activity was to show the different between mitosis and meiosis. since we didn't had our breakfast, it will be hard for us to do this activity.

my superb team work!

the cookies were limited and it's kinda difficult to make a completely cell division.

because we made it in cincai boncai, we be the first group who finish this activity hahaha!

my classmates' work

from what we had learned:
- mitosis have one stage only while meiosis have 2 stages of cell division because it is used to make reproductive cells.
- the chromosome in mitosis is line up on spindle fiber without partner and also be known as sister chromatin but in meiosis, homologous chromosome are line up at metaphase I but they will be line up without partner at metaphase II.
- last but not least, mitosis does not occur crossing over but meiosis occur crossing over at prophase stage.

as we done with our work, we had to show to our lecture for approvement and as usual we had to answer all the questions that have been prepared by her. Please leave a comment if you guys want to know more about my class activity and it will be honoured for me if you share your thought on that.

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