Old Planner And Diary

June 04, 2016

assalamualaikum wbt and hello everyone! as promised, i dug out my old planner and diary and would love to make a great post about them! so here we go~

Old Planner
here, actually my first ever planner. the pages of it is quiet thick and i have been used it for 3 years! really love with the insert with big spaces so i can write my to-do list without hesitate! 

i usually use colorful pens to make it colorful and a bit organisation for the beginning.

i remember this.. i was having spm (big examination for malaysia's highschool) and here was my study schedule.

my first semester ♥♥ a lot of assignments!

Old Diary
my second diary in my entire life. the first one when i was in standard 4 and seriously, old diary put me in such deep thought but there's just something amazing about my old diary. by the way i really enjoy read my old diary entries and feel proud with the decoration that i have made ♥

motivation comic that i drew for upcoming 2014. it's probably for my new fresh start for the new year.

the last birthday party ♥♥

i actually love this one! my first iftar with my classmates and celebrate mother's day at 39th restaurant.

tbh, i did not love high school but there were some wonderful moments. i made good friends and had some inspirational teachers. i always feel better reading those and i am so happy i have a record of the majority of my life in those pages because it brings a whole new set of memories back. i want to remember the good stuff so i am careful to write my diary with positivity or spiritual insight as my frame. i'm so glad i've got this to look back on. i guess it's your turn: did you keep a diary?

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  1. cantiknye notebook & diary sarah! ni yang bagi inspirasi nak ade notebook jugak ni

  2. this is the cutest! kudos to you for having such a great commitment with planners and diary! :D

    x http://nothingmuchbutyeah.blogspot.my/2016/06/once-fangirl-always-fangirl.html

  3. Cantiknyaaaaa. Tulisan awak kemas la jealous betull haha.

  4. @atheera dayana
    sarah pun dapat inspirasi nak buat buku ni dengan orang lain :D buat la juga dan nnt boleh share :D

  5. @Lina Syahid
    thank you for your compliment! glad that you visited my blog ^_^

  6. @ Dayana Batrisyia
    tapi aku tahu kalau kau buat mesti lagi cantik dari aku punya ;)

  7. @Anis Farhana
    haha ni tulisan biasa biasa je ^_^

  8. @azlia
    it's true ^_^ especially when we go trip with our family right ? :D i wish i can have a job which i can go to travel at the same time <3