Moments To Remember

June 13, 2016

assalamualaikum and happy ramadhan everyone! have you ever wonder where have i been? actually i have been sick for a week. i got fever + flu + cough and it is so not cute especially during ramadhan. it was horrible when i lost my strength, my stomach started hurting and impossible for me to stay up and do my usual things. however, i have successfully fasted although i knew i may get ill from hunger of thrist. anyway, i'm feeling better right now and have a little energy to make a new post! 

my semester 1 was the busiest semester because i have participated myself a lot with extracurricular in my college. seriously, it tired in enjoyable way because it help me to follow my passion, form friendships, learn new skills and network professionally. so i gotta share with all of you about it to welcome all juniors in my college.

1) Biogenuis Competition

this competition was held for biotechnology student. we had to invent a product that would give benefit to many people. so we created a halal gelatin that made from jellyfish to overcome the hesitate of consumer to eat gelatin because mostly gelatin was non-halal. and guess what? we obtained the third place! feel proud with my group huhu.

2) Jamuan Ahli Sufi (Banquet)

me and others had to organize a banquet to all members of the mosque and i was one of them. this banquet was held at the end of my first semester and i have to provide gifts for all guests and also prize competition during the banquet. the banquet went very well as i expected and it is really an amazing experience.

3) Bonding Day

an event to gather all the biotechnology student so we can get know each other and release our tension due to the upcoming final exam. the first part of the event, we played a lot of childhood games such as find candies in flour and got a lucky draw too! its relive our childhood because those were some of the best days of our lives. the second part was a career talk that explained about how to attend an interview and information that required for all career that we would make after our study.

4) Fun Run

a friendly race that involves road running with participants taking part for their own enjoyment rather than competition. there's also a zumba, a dance fitness and the music comes with various dance styles such as salsa, mambo and hiphop! it was indeed a lovely weekend with my friends and we need more of this kind of activities, seriously!

5) Theater

last but not least, i'm pleased to announce my participated in theater. i have been played as evil woman and this theater being produced for the seniors that going to finish their study. so we have to make a show for their event. it takes a lot of practice and experience to learn how to and be able to be an actor. this is really an interesting experience because this was my one of my dream.

thank you for reading!

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