Books That I'm Struggling To Finish

June 01, 2016

assalamualaikum wbt and hello everyone! i used to be the kind of reader that never abandons a book since i was in primary school. but as i'm getting older, my to-read pile grows ever taller and i'm beginning to realize that i got so much to read and did not have any chance to finish them. looking at my piles make me feel so awful and such a waste of money for bought them. not only these, there's still a lot of books that someone gave to me but they are not in the photo. i don't know when i'm going to finish all of them because something about my obsessive no-quitting personality compels me to follow through every project that i have start, no matter how difficult or boring it is. so i determine to finish my reading this year with these helpful tips from paper lovestory (my fav blog) and i will reward myself with new storybooks if i made it. or if you guys have any interested with my book so i don't have to read all of them, just comment down below and i will give you the good price! Xoxo.


1) Break your 'to-be-read' list down to a manageable level.

I do this by picking out three or four books that I want to read next and sometimes, books are replaced on a whim depending on what mood I'm in. An example is the picture below where I went on a book-buying spree on Amazon (well, to be fair, I was taking advantage of a 3 for £10 deal - it would've been rude not to) and so these books were bumped to the top of my pile. Later on, I moved Persuasion lower down the list as my thinking was that I'd want to read something more modern after The Book Thief - but then I found myself putting down The Book Thief after a few chapters because it was just too heavy for my brain at the time (it was revision time!).

By breaking down your list into 'immediate reads', 'want to read soon' and 'will read when I feel like it', these mini-lists can make reading less daunting. And also more exciting too if you put a book you've been super eager to read in your 'immediate reads' pile!

2) Budget some time for reading.

Every morning, I read for half an hour while I'm eating breakfast (this is a kind of 'me time'). It doesn't take me half an hour to eat my breakfast but this allows me a chunk of the day where I will definitely have a chance to read. I also try and read at least one chapter (or two/three if the book is shorter) before bed as a way to unwind. 

3) Invest in a Kindle/phone which has an eReader app.

My parents gifted me a Kindle when I graduated from my first degree, way back in June 2012 and it has seen so much use. It is super light, durable and I can't believe I've almost had it for three years. Ever since getting it, the number of books I've read each year has increased exponentially. Electronic versions of books aren't the same, I'll concede that, but the portability and ease of use is unrivalled. 

The next best thing is an eReader app for your iPad/tablet/phone!

4) Read a variety of books from different genres.

I'm a chick-lit/young adult book reader at heart but that doesn't mean I don't move out of my comfort zone from time to time. Non-fiction can be educating (my favourite non-fiction book is Mutants - a book on genetic mutations and other interesting things) and doesn't have to be boring! 

5) Don't feel guilty for taking an hour or two out of your daily schedule to read.

This one is easier said than done - especially during times of high stress, such as exam time or deadline time! However, reading is a great way to relax and lose yourself from this world for a small portion of your time. And put it this way - nothing is more important than your health, and this includes your mental health. No one can work for 24 hours a day, seven days a week without going a bit crazy so whether you read/exercise/watch TV for that hour or two every day, it's definitely not wasted time!

my mini books collection

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