365 Days Happiness Challenge

June 22, 2016

assalamualaikum wbt and hello guys!

i have learned that we need to make an effort to be truly happy. so i would like to tackle one the happiness challenge and it won't require money, fame, a perfect body, a brilliant intellect or medication. i have heard from many people doing this challenge and it seem to find this approach helpful. i also see these things all the time and i always pin it on pinterest but rarely put in action. so here we go to execution! to keep me on track, i will blog about my daily challenges and maybe some activities will be replace with my own idea if it exceed my ability. i hope these challenge useful as i pursue my own happiness project. the most important thing in life, without a doubt is to be happy and i'm sure these are activities that i will truly enjoy and make myself more cheerful than i have ever been. just click on the above image to check out the challenge that would like to do!

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