Throwback: Transfer Student From Indonesia

May 15, 2016

there were transfer students from indonesia visited my college for study trip. they were older than us and take course that related with ours.

they have to make an experiment with us to gain experience and the experiment was about to determine the amount of vitamin C in these drinks. at first, the experiment did not went well because the benedict's solution was out of stock. this solution was important because it help to show the amount of vitamin C. luckily, one of my classmate told that he just read an article that said the benedict's solution can be replace with starch solution. and guess what? we made it! oh my how clever he is. lucky to have friend like him hahahah.

two men at the back were the transfer student. there were 4 actually,

and here was my biochemistry lecturer showing us the procedures. she looks like a student hahaha.

it was a good experience to have friends from other country. they were so nice and sporting too. easy to cooperate with them and i asked them a lot about their country and there's was not much different with malaysia. i'm glad that they were happy being here.

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