Picnic With Best Buddies (Mak Enoes)

May 15, 2016

assalamualaikum wbt and hello guys! i have getting bored at home so i need to be productive or else i will be super malas. anyway yesterday, i had a picnic with my best buddies from high school and i want to share about it. the picnic was organised as a potluck and everyone brought something to eat and drink. so i'm gonna make egg sandwiches and instant noodles to take with me with a bottle of water.

so here's i'm making a preparation.

i spent about 2 hours to pack all of these.

i'm excited!

mak enoes! our group's name hahaha.

after all of us have gathered and hugged each other, we got to the park and scanned the area for a good spot to sit, chat and eat.

then, we pulled out our food. there were lots of different foods

the weather was good at first and it suddenly rain. so we rush to my friend's boutique to continue our chatting.

it was one of the most superbly wonderful afternoons i've ever had. such a nice day having a picnic with my best buddies and it is definitely one of my favorite things to do in semester break. till our next outing adventure, stay luminous and happy always.

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    1. Hai! Thank you for following and i will visit your blog ! :)

  2. awak2, pm yang tengah tu, hehehk