Pengajian Am Blog

May 18, 2016

i almost forgotten about a blog that i've made last year for my history subject that called Pengajian Am and it's for my mini thesis. when the lecturer asked us to make a blog i was super excited about it! then, i offered myself to my members group to design the blog and they will handle with the posts. so here's the link and i allow you guys to copy anything from this blog for your assignment.

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  1. hai....hahaha kalau suruh buat karangan according to i'll never forget that moment...when and what happend when they try to achieve kemerdekaan for malaysia....btw i proud to be malaysian lah!! hehe

    1. Hai hahahaha me too. Thats why only copy paste from other website hahaha. Im proud to be malaysian too. Proud to have those people that struggle to get merdeka. Without them we will not be right here for now :)