Memory Box

May 18, 2016

assalamualaikum wbt and hello guys! what i'm showing here is my memory box. it is a bit like a treasure box where i put things i want to keep because they remind me of something special ♥ right now, i'm organizing them because it almost full! so i will just transfer them into my diary. it's been a long time i didn't have a diary so maybe i should start it back and here's the beginning section!

as you can see i'm bad at decoration hahahha

what nicer thing to do to look back and reminisce at things that have happened in the past. i can't believe that i kept these for almost 8 years. i guess, i am quite a sentimentalist heart hahaha. if you already have a memory box or this if this has inspired you to create one, i shall love to know! so please leave your link and comment below...

here are a few ideas of the types of things that you may tend to add to your memory box and i got this from organisemyhome :-

  • Cards from special occasion from specific important people in your life
  • First tooth / First haircut lock of hair
  • Photographs
  • Tickets to special events
  • Holiday momentos
  • Childrens artwork
  • School books
  • Certificates and Trophies
  • DVDs of events
  • Special clothes (I have my first ballet outfit! – so cute!)
  • Toys that mean something
  • Letters
  • School reports
  • Notes of important milestones (I keep my daughters baby book in her memory box so she can see all those developmental stages and how old she was etc…)
  • Diaries (these are great to look back over when you are older!)
  • Photographs of larger items that you had to get rid of but wanted a memory of (wedding dress, your homes / cars etc…)

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  1. This is so nice! I think you've got great decorating skills to be honest! I kind of have a ton of stuff stored away and I've been planning to put everything into a scrap book but I never get time D:

  2. Hahahahaha its okay, kanra. Just take ur time. I recommend you to do it on saturday or sunday and just do it. Dont stop or else it will never done and i made for almost 2 days hahaha