Berrisom Animal Mask Cat

May 15, 2016

assalamualaikum wbt and hello guys!

i have a review for you guys. i found about these animal mask through instagram so i would like to have a try. i'm never a fan of sheet masks because it is plain boring and have waiting for 30 minutes at least for the essence to get absorbed into my skin. moreover my skin would feel sticky afterwards and i always prefer wash-off masks. so it is rare for me to purchase sheet masks.

i was so eager to try this mask so let's get started!

the masks comes in an aluminium envelop with slits on the side for opening and the idea is really cute though. 

unfortunately there's no explanation in english and all the writing is in korean.

but still have images about how to use it.

i immediately smelled the scent of this mask when i opened it.

too big on my face hahaha!

the design was like tiger one but it fun to wear and i love with the pink nose hahaha!

after a little adjustment.

so after removing the mask i did noticed that my complexion was brighter especially on my cheeks. it left my skin looking brighter, healthier and nicely moisturized. if you guys want to try animal mask, do try these berrisom animal mask and i will try the others and will let you know if the experience was great like this one. let me know if you have used animal mask from this brand or another!

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