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May 05, 2016

assalamualaikum wbt and hello guys!

surprise! i hope you all noticed my new blog design. the new design is a mix of minimalist and cute in soft pink, black and white which is more simple than before. i'm so happy with it that i can't stop looking at it! i wish to show you some of my older design from the youthful mindset to slightly more grown up and show how things have changed! however my pendrive got virus so i lose them all! :(

and surprise again! i'm back to blog in english! as you can see that i have retyped some of my posts in english and delete unnecessary posts. i decided to make a new fresh start because i feel really enjoy blogging in english. i usually blog in malay because want to increase my followers however i did not show any changes haha! so i thought popularity is not important and the most important is do what makes me happy. moreover, this new fresh start can help me to improve my english. so i'm sorry if there any english broken and please do correct me  adois!

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  1. I love the background of your blog and the design is definitely super cute and mature at the same time! I'm kind of glad you went back to english to be honest! It's always great to read posts from you!

  2. hello back! came here and follow you . mind to followback? btw all the best . :)

  3. @catalina blue thank you soo much! i love to read your posts too <3 i thought using my own language is harder than english language haha that why i decided to back to english :)

  4. keep on writing in english! :)