Sem 2 Break

April 13, 2016

roomates yang makcik-makcik, sorang dah balik

assalamualaikum w.b.t and hello guys!

alhamdulillah and finally i have done with my final exam! i can't focused on the last paper because i was too excited to go home hahaha. the last day in my dorm room make me thought that time flies so fast because i feel like it was yesterday i enter this room for the first time hahaha. i also feel so glad that my semester 2 went so well and did not have so much problems. i hope the up coming semester will be good as well as this semester!

before i reached home, i had a dinner at QThai Steamboat. i felt so pleasure ate the grilled meat! my favorite one ♡ the price is cheap compared to the Seoul Garden which is RM20+ per head and you guys should try it! just google qthai steamboat and you can go to the nearest place.

i decided to not play my phone too much as usual and make a lot of fun activities with my family for this semester break and of course i will frequently update my blog! yay!

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