Scrapbook & Adventure Book

April 15, 2016

assalamualaikum w.b.t and hello guys!

last two years, i bought a scrapbook and asked my classmates to make their biography and insert in it. it just to make some memories since it was my last school year! this scrapbook has prepared the biography form so they just have to fill in and also can make some decoration. its quite expensive and i will get so mad if they lost the form! however, i also asked my classmates in college and tuition to make it too because there's still a lot of empty space!

i'm an ex-student of SMK Bandar Tun Hussein Onn 2 aka smkbtho2 and En. Haji Hassan Che Ling was my first male principal. I remember how humble he is and such a kind-hearted person.

favourite class photo 

close friends at school 

and my favourite teachers  wish to meet them again!

i'm definitely enjoying the increasing in space and also would like to say thank you for those spent their time helping me fulfilled this lovely scrapbook. feel so glad to have supportive friends.

i thought it would make a nice blog post about my adventure book too! i got this idea from cornflower blue blog, one of my favorite diy blog! but mine is too simple. i only paste the restaurant receipts that i have been or tickets such as movie tickets but less photos on it.

front cover with my family photos at Genting Highland

robocop, first movie that i watched with my family and i hope there will be robocop 2 soon!

good time at Lego Land :)

as you can see i paste a lot of restaurant receipts which mean we are more to food lover than travelling haha. its a good time to spend time with your family and with this adventure book help me to keep the sweet moments forever.

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  1. bestnya ada scrapbook!

  2. @Erin Azmir
    You should have one too! :D

  3. Rajin nye buat scrapbook! Tgh carik idea mungkin 1 hari nanti saya pun nak buat

  4. @atheera dayana
    cuba cari kat pinterest. situ ada banyak idea gak :)