Goals: Focus On My Final Exam

April 04, 2016

assalamualaikum w.b.t and hello guys!

so today is the first day of my final exam and i just done with biostatistic paper. feel so relieved because for me biostatistic is the toughest subject. alhamdulillah i answered all questions so now i just need to tawakal! i don't want to hope to get high pointer so i will be not disappoint at the end. but i really hope that i will not repeat the same paper and most important is i want to end this final exam as soon as possible and enjoy my sem break for 2 months! seriously i can't wait for it and 3 more papers to go!

my soulmate, nish gave this to me as my birthday present. she made by herself and its so sweet ♥♥♥ seriously, i can't stop looking at it like 24 hours haha! so cute right?

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  1. Good luck sis 4 your exam..have fun with your semester break..just blogwalking pass by a coincidence here..that's all i wanna say..nice blog..kinda awesome..

  2. @Zamier Rafhan thank you soo much! goodluck for your life too :)