DIY Mousepad

March 26, 2016

assalammualaikum wbt and hello guys!
it's been a while~ i'm in a study week and next week will be my final exam for 2 weeks then semester break for 2 months yay! all students in my college have to finish their final exam for 2 weeks so the schedule is really packed. its a stress month actually because we have to finish all of our assessments as soon as possible. but its okay, study until you feel the pain dan setiap kesusahan pasti ada kesenangan dan yang paling penting berusaha. (copyright: twitter/friend/mom)

so guys i made a diy mousepad. i feel bored seeing it blank so i managed to change it to a colorful mousepad. it takes me for 2 days to finish it haha! so i feel like want to make a tutorial for you guys and this drawing was inspired by @annjfr. please take a look her instagram guys.. her arts really cool!

what you need:
sharpie marker

first and foremost, draw the cartoons' face shapes using a pencil

then, draw their eyes, mouth, teeth or whatever you like.

next, draw the outline using a black sharpie marker.

lastly, colour them patiently.

and tadaa!

that's all for today. don't forget to share with me if you made it too! assalamualaikum :)

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