Birthday Present

March 13, 2016

assalamualaikum wbt and hello guys!

recently it was my 19th birthday and i was given two lovely presents from my friends that i did not expect for still getting it because i thought i'm already older for that however, i'm very appreciative of all my gifts and would love to share with you!

from my ex-roomate, aziera got me this lovely notebook. it's so adorable and i can't wait to use it. she make me feel guilty because i did not remember her birthday and did not give anything for her. i feel want to cry when i opened it because got our pictures on it.

i got this beautiful purse from someone. i really love with the colors, elegant and feminine at the same time. it got a big space where i can also put my phone. feel really glad to received this since  my purse was torn.
once again, thank you to everybody who bought me presents and everyone who made the day so wonderful! i had the best day!

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