New Phone Case

February 07, 2016

assalamualaikum w.b.t and hello guys!

as you can see, my phone case have broken. it looks like i have used it for 3 years but actually i have used it for 1 year. so i asked my sister to make the new one for me! she have a custom phone case business which you can design your own phone case! so if you guys interesting you can leave your comment below! :)

for the new one, i make a phone case with my family photo that have been taken when i graduated my high school and this photo is taken by my brother in law at the car porch hahaha.

all my friends love with my phone case because they said it's a rare. so they usually will make an order with me and my sister will give me some wage jyeah! before this i love to put photo with my best friends but since right now i'm studying far away from my family, i decided to put my family photo on my case so it will make me miss them more :)

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