Laptop Day

February 20, 2016

assalamualaikum wbt and hello guys!

today, anis and i just done with cloning presentation and alhamdulillah everything went so well. ustazah love with our presentation and told that our explanation was very clear.

so we got full mark for this presentation yay!

then, we had OSHA quiz and we have to do it using our laptop. feel so regret after done with this quiz because i did not take it serious so i can't answer it and got low marks. uwaaaa it make me realized that quiz is important like test because it may give effect the final result. so please don't play play after this okay sarah.

penampakan wanita berspek di belakang

penampakan lagi bila nak selfie sorang-sorang.

haha oklah jom selfie ramai-ramai!

last but not least, my friends and i decided to finish our GMO Tomato slide today. however we do not succeed it because have changes on the last minute.

this laptop was actually my mom's laptop so i called it 'laptop keturunan'. i hope this laptop will not give any problem until i finish my degree. its pretty heavy and kinda old but it still can be used. please jangan rosak, aku nak pakai kau lama lagi.

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  1. sarah aku cadangkan hg cerita dekat blog ni pasal pengklonan..cerita detail pasal klon ni and then hg dapat share dekat pembaca blog and pahala sbb share benda ni..kay saja kacai hg..bhoi bhoi