Its My Birthday

February 28, 2016

assalammualaikum wbt and hello guys!

happy birthday to me! for the first time i did not celebrate with my family however my bestfriends make a suprise for me and that was also my first experience. i was study at my room at that time. suddenly they came and switch off the lamp then threw powder on me and sing a birthday song. and then, i took the powder from them and throw it back jyeah hahaha.

i didn't told my birthday on my social media except for this blog because just want to see if my bestfriends still remember my birthday. alhamdulillah all of them didn't forget to wish my birthday.

even i'm already 19 years old, i'm still small in size and short. forever young for me. 'sekolah tingkatan berapa?' is normal question for me. so i guess it is time for me to make changes and achieve my dreams. be the better version of me and i knew it will be difficult. however, i have to fight for it!

last but not least, i would like to say thank you to my classmates that did not stop wishing for me, my family for sing loud a birthday song on phone, my bestfriends that have separated since the spm ended but still wish a birthday for me, my bestfriends that threw powder at me and someone that gave a long text at 12am xoxo. most important is syukur alhamdulillah Ya Allah for still giving me a chance to make changes and fix all my mistakes.

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