Curriculum Day

February 28, 2016

assalamualaikum wbt and hello guys!

last wednesday, there was a carnival at my college for curriculum day. all clubs members and students that take entrepreneur subject must get involved. i'm not interesting for this because i'd rather be a buyer hahaha! and lucky day for me, we got no class on that day. hip hip hooray!

carnival for this semester was much better than the last semester.  it's very big and lots of food, craft and clothes booths. then, i can heard the noises from far. 

it so much fun because got a lot of choices to shopping. they also gave a good service to their customers. i can saw their passion to attract people to come near to their booth. because i'm small in size, it will easy for them to pull me came near to their booth.

there was also provide a coupon which i can shopping without use my money. so i got some food when the time came for breakfast. i did not get so much stuffs for this time since my mood was not very good and its really hot on that day.

on my last semester, i will do this as well cause i'm going to take entrepreneur subject. in fact, i'm very weak doing a business and i'm not sure what will gonna happen if i'm doing this sale hahaha but i got an experience become a sales girl at pwtc mall. so i feel little bit confident for it hahaha so wish me luck!

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