2016 Planner Book

February 05, 2016

assalamualaikum wbt and hello guys!

i'm having mid sem break for a week and combine with holiday for chinese new year (home sweet home babeh). i'm sure after this mid sem break, i will be super busy with my test and quiz. so i did not bring any textbook right now and decided to enjoy my holiday!

on my way to home, i went to typo shop at ioi mall putrajaya and bought a new planner book since i have done with the old one. i love getting organized and writing everything out. i also love planning for the year and setting goals so i can working toward something. in a nutshell, planner is a way that i get to do all of those things!! search for planners in typo shop is not easy because got a billion different options and all of them are so pretty! thanks god i found one that really can work for me and really satisfied with it 

so here it is! and i will give you a review!

i love the front cover. the pastel colour really attract me. 

its so very beautiful and very well designed 

this planner have monthly calendar. it's easy for me to organize and chart my schedule.

weekly planner with lots of space for planning each day! it also includes a full page of notes at the beginning or ending of each month. i really wanted this to be on my planner.

notes page in the back! i absolutely love how customizable this planner is.

extra awesomeness as far as organization goes to mini pocket which i can put my photos or some notes.

so this is the planner i will using for this year and maybe i will show you my old planner book that i have been used for 3 years! so don't miss it ;)

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