3rd Day : Must-Go Places In Perak (Explore & Experience Perak)

February 18, 2018

Good morning everyone! I'm so sad because this is the last post to end my perak trip :'( It was such a great trip and I don't want to end my perak trip post!! However, I would like to thanks a million to all my new sweeties readers :) You all are the reason for me to work harder and it is my motivation! Enjoy the last post of my trip and anything just drop me a comment or email me! I will answer yours 

Gua Tempurung, Gopeng

If you are a nature lover, you might have heard about Gua Tempurung that located in Gopeng, Perak. Gua Tempurung is over 3km long and it is one of the largest limestone cave in Peninsular Malaysia. It is a perfect place to explore the beauty of nature even you are new to caving activitiy. It is just perfect for the beginner like me! There are a range of tours with different lengths and 4 levels of difficulty that provided. The level of difficulty increasing from Tour 1 until Tour 4 which more challenging and more time need to be spend.

I don't know what to expect in the cave. The initial walk is easy and lots of stairs that need to climb. I stopped a lot to enjoy the beautiful view of massive cave, the Golden Flowstone, stalagmites and stalactites of the cave as well as some images on the cave wall such as Mona Lisa, Abraham Lincoln, Valak (The Conjuring Movie) and many more!

The pathway is very well built and well maintained. Lights are all over the cave so basically torchlight are not needed at this moment. The best part was when I past the wind tunnel where I felt the cool breeze blowing my face!

The end of the 1km concrete walkway is where things start to get challenging. We walked through holes, slid down between slippery stones, crawled through the river that reaches our chest level, climbed wall and jumped over gaps in the path. Seriously, I felt like in 'The Descent' movie but this was the caving experience that I was looking for! There were no lights along the way. We tried to turn off our flashlights momentarily. Everything went pitch black! Not only that, we were lucky enough to have the chance to see the magical wonders of nature, The Crystal Chamber! 

Overall, our caving experience was epic! Gua Tempurung is indeed an adventure that you need to discover while in Perak. It's exciting, challenging and memorable! It's never too late to push yourself to the limit and witness the beauty of the nature in Perak. I highly recommend this tour!

Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge No. 5 (TT5)

I used to learn about tin dredge during my secondary school and always dreaming to view a real one. And now, I saw it with my own eyes! It goes beyond everything that I had ever imagined. It is gigantic!

TT5 was one of the largest mining machine that assembled in 1938. It is actually more like a floating factory where the chain of manganese buckets at the front dig the earth for tin deposits. Then, passes through a couple of machines to extract the tin and finally the waste material being disposed back to earth. However, this dredge stopped operations in the early 1990s due to the fall of tin price in the world market.

Stepping into this dredge is like going inside a giant tool box with gigantic gearwheels, scooping apparatus and plus sized rope bundles.

The ladder with buckets are still attached. It could reach 31 meters below the water.

The interior of the dredge is very wide and unique. Its a pretty awesome feeling to be here!

I have been told that actors named Zul Ariffin and Fazura used to make scenes shot at here in J. Revolusi movie and it was a great moment for them.

Separated from tin, stones and sand were discharged from these chutes located at the back side of the dredge.

The dredged soil are sifted here among the arrays where the heavier tin are submerged for further process.

The tin mining brought a rise to whole Malaysia. This is last survived one in Perak. Without it, we would have to go to the other country to look for one.

After the dredge fell on hard times. All the dredges in the area were disposed and this last dredge was in danger of being sold off for its high scrap metal value until heritage-loving individuals launched a "Save The Last Tin Dredge" campaign.

Fortunately that campaign was successful and the dredge has been preserved and restored. It is finally open to the public and visitors can now take guided historical tours of the last tin dredge.

The dredge is currently owned by the Perak State Government so there is a chance for it to be preserved. There is a mini museum providing some information on tin mining and a few furniture that brought from the dredge.

Last but not least, a corner that full of TT5 merchandise and I bought their drawstring bag!

I would highly recommend and encourage schools to hold an educational field trip here to learn and feel our long lost past and pride. I hope to return here one day. This place is just absolutely wonderful!

Kellie's Castle Night Tour

If you are a thrill seeker, brave and crave for a new 'out of this world' experience, you might want to seriously consider taking up this challenge to experience a paranormal adventure at the Kellie's Castle. This castle is known as one of the top most haunted buildings in Malaysia and we were invited to experience the supernatural activities. All of my friends were so eager to see the presence at this castle except me (huhu).

It was believed that William Kellie Smith built this castle out of love for his wife, Agnes in 1915. It came to an abrupt halt when Kellie died in Portugal to collect his elevator for the castle. Agnes and the family was too heartbroken so they decided to sold it off and not to come back. The new owner, a British company was never interested with the castle so it was left half-completed until today. So Kellie's Castle was supposed to be a romantic place but ended up to be haunted!

Over the time, rumors has it that it was haunted with the soul of the owner, William Kellie Smith wandering inside the castle especially along the corridors overlooking his great mansion. We walked through the castle, been in every single room. Then, we stood still for minutes at the corridor since we really wanted to see something, some presence or anything. Unfortunately, we didn't see or feel anything.

Share with me if you have heard stories of it or even personally experience. Overall, we had a great time here, mainly taking photos (except for me that scared ghost that might selfie with me). I wish I could be rich enough to build a castle for my family and the legacy to live on!

Kustom Cafe, Tapah

After a nostalgic visit to Kellie Castle, it is time for dinner!

I'm quite surprised with the whole interior and ambiance of this Kustom Cafe. The whole concept is for the motorcycle lover! It filled with rustic wooden interior with simple deco. The interior design make me feel super comfortable and I wish to bring my family here. Very comfy~ Let's the photo do the talking!

A long stretch of portraits which made for a really pretty background for photos!

So here's the ultimate menu of Kustom Cafe. We ask for some recommendation at first since it's our first time and to be honest all of us were so hungry. And, I start loving fried kway teow! I love the taste especially it spicy like that taste damn good!!!

Overall, Kustom Cafe is a great place to catch up with friends and enjoy their great meals. It could be your new lepak location! 

Address: No. 1 & 3, Jalan Stesen,35000 Tapah

So I guess it's the end of my post about my Perak Trip. I hope this can give you an idea on how to plan your next itinerary. That's all for today!

P/S: I went to this fabulous trip through the Retaj Travel & Tours (+6019 6546471). This tour bus was very comfortable with the driver that was friendly and had a good sense of humour. I enoyed with the service offered.

Lastly, Happy Travelling!

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