2nd Day : Must-Go Places In Perak (Explore & Experience Perak)

January 14, 2018

Hello everyone! What a great morning today! Currently I'm spending some time with my laptop and wearing cute little pajamas that my mama bought from Indonesia 1 month ago. Alright, this remind me to continue with another blog post about my personal experience in Perak. Probably left 1 more post to end but this second post gonna be a super long one and more interesting than the previous one because I did a lot of activities on the second day!

Overnight Experience at RISDA Eco Park

I must tell you that my overnight experience in RISDA Eco Park was super duper great. They offers the most comfortable serviced accommodation with air-conditioned for guests. I love the way they use cabin concept that surrounding with river and natural beauty of the earth. They also providing modern room for big family which is bigger and comfortable. Due to the tiredness of water tubing, I had a really deep sleep. It’s so cozy and I felt super safe. Everything was provided (towel, soap, prayer mat, etc). A good stay for those who wanting to stay longer at RISDA Eco Park.

Clean / Space was just great for small group / Toilet clean / Warm and thick blanket

ATV Adventure & Flying Fox, RISDA Eco Park

There's really a lot of activities that offers in RISDA Eco Park. Who would have thought that there is such a thing as flying fox, ATV, water rafting, jungle trekking and more extreme activities in one place!

ATV is totally new for me! It is really an awesome getaway activity that finally I had a chance to try out. So much fun, thrill and such a great experience to enjoy the mother nature along the journey while riding the ATV. I feel freaking AWESOME! 

The journey starts with an easy climb ride which was perfect to allow the riders to be a bit more comfortable with their rides. Due to lack of time, we were brought into a small track among the palm trees that was also challenging yet beautiful. This is the only time I enjoyed being off balanced. All It takes was some skills and if you come across a difficult trail, just follow the person in front of you (hopefully this person does not get stuck too!).

Next, I ended up with trying the flying fox where I'm glide from a hill into the river. It was such an exhilarating ride! I don't consider myself an adrenaline junkie (riding roller-coaster or other extreme rides are just not my thing). But surprisingly, I enjoyed every minute of this activity. The hill didn't look too high-up when looking from below, but it's extremely high with me being scared of heights. All I could do was close my eyes along the way and flied over like the Tarzan haha! Overall, tiring but was a great experience, one worth trying for sure.

Here are the details about packages at RISDA Eco Park ❀

Environment Natural Element (ENE) Ginger Farm

For the next trip, I was taken to tour the ENE Ginger Farm that located at Behrang Hulu. I was so excited because I got chance to see the real ginger plant in my life and reminds me of my mama since she likes ginger drink.

I fell in love with the view. The landscape was very vibrant and green. The leafy green stalks of ginger are reed-like and can reach up to three feet tall.

Bentong ginger is planted at ENE Ginger Farm. The original seed came from the farm in Bentong and Janda Baik, Pahang. Since now the demand of this ginger is very high. So they decided cultivate the high quality of Bentong ginger in eco-friendly plantation.

At a regular market, chemicals are usually used to grow the ginger. But at ENE Ginger Farm, they are grown organically, feeding on a completely natural fertilization and farmed purely in a soilless environment. They didn't use fungicide at all which makes the ones at ENE Ginger Farm even more valuable.

We were taken to tour the farm by the owner. Along the way, he showed us the ginger plants and their nutritional and medicinal value. Recently, I had pleasure of traveling to this farm where I witnessed the harvest and meet the hardworking farmers who lovingly care for their beautiful ginger before make it into product.

The best moment was I got lucky chance to learned on how to ginger been planted and processed until it is packed either in raw or powder form. It's so simple!

After harvested, the ginger will sun dried to get a brown and irregular wrinkled surface dry ginger. Then, the fresh and dry ginger will going use to make their products.

It's amazing to see how much was harvested!

Bentong ginger is popular not only because of its bigger size but also contains high nutritional value compared to other gingers. Drinking a glass of ginger tea everyday can give a lot of benefits including treat digestive issues, nausea, relieve menstrual discomfort and reduce inflammation.

The smell really good!

Finally, the owner served me the healthy ginger tea that is fresh directly from the farm. It taste was not too spicy, more fragrant and so tasty! There are various flavours and lime plum ginger was my favorite! I felt more energetic after drink their ginger tea. It boost my energy instantly!

I bought one for my mom and she loves it!

Inap Desa Azriefa Homestay

Next is one of my favorite spot! Inap Desa Azriefa Homestay that located at Kampung Chikus, Langkap and this place has garnered so much attention since the local singer, Ramli Sarip has grazed this place with his presence!

The owner told me that Ramli Sarip will always stay overnight here whenever he has concert in Perak. Thus, he used the theme 'Life of Ramli Sarip' to make this homestay become famous among local tourist.

This homestay is very spacious and comfortable yet affordable for most all tourist. Everything was spotless clean! It can fit more than 10 persons in one time and concept of this homestay is traditional Malay kampung house. Besides that, the view is very nice with natural beauty and fresh air! This homestay is a great alternative to hotels. It reduces travel costs and suitable for family gathering, reunion and any leisure entertainment. You will get to learn more about the culture by staying with a local.

Accommodation rates: RM200 / night including four times meals.

It's time for lunch!! The owner prepared delicious traditional local food for lunch such as tempoyak which I like the most! Seriously, I felt like my own village when I was here (#missingmyvillage).

Finally, it was my lucky day, yay! I got chance to eat king of every fruits called Durian! We were served with Grade A Durian which is very sweet, tender and very smooth to eat.

Lastly, the owner served us tapioca with sugar and sambal belacan for tea time. He told us that it's something typical to eat in Perak. I'm happy I tried some traditional Perak food, it's my new favorite! 

Azriefa Homestay
No. 144, Parit 16-B, Sg. Lampam, 36000 Teluk Intan, Perak.

Air Terjun Sungai Celik, Geopark Lembah Kinta

Moving on to the next itinerary which involved physically challenging walks at Air Terjun Sungai Celik that offers the most beautiful scenery!

According to our guide, they do not offer public access to this forest area which mean we were the first group that explored this forest! Moreover, there are Orang Asli (Aborigine) that still live here. They put a lot of animal traps for their food sources. So I had to always be careful and watch where I put my feet!

I was greatly attracted with this forest that looks so beautiful and mysterious! The trek was not difficult. I was only walking not too fast to take a moment to look around and appreciate the beautiful forest. This hiking experience was special as it was chilly and I didn't sweat as much as my previous hiking trips.

I never thought to have the chance to explore this beautiful forest!

After a long hiking but enjoyable, I finally reached the waterfall with the cold, icy water in all its glory soothing our aching legs. No one was here so we can take photos as much as possible!

Restoran Simpang Tiga

The food in Perak is way TOO GOOD for me to gain weight. The portion was super big and I can even share with my friends! The price of the food is still acceptable because it's almost same price with the food in KL.

The restaurant was so comfortable. It's more than just a place for good food, relax and chill. I fall in love with the interior design with its environment too. I felt really warm here and the lighting was quite romantic.

The restaurant also provides the private dining room which can be a good alternative to celebrate someone's birthday, gathering and farewell party at here.

For me the food was really tasty. The beef was super tender and the fish we ordered taste so fresh and really good. One bite... I was like OMG REALLY QUITE NICE!! I also had the best tomyam ever! Not very spice and I can enjoy it without hesitate! yum yum yum~

Look at the interior, each corner has its unique design and furniture.

From my own experience, I had a great time and all of us were satisfied with the food and service too. The stuffs here were friendly. When we almost finish our food they actually came to us then asked about the food and feedback from us. They are kind enough to hear from our feedback and hope to take this as an improvement. I will definitely recommend this to my friends and family. That is why I'm recommending this for you on my blog now!

Tower Regency Hotel & Apartment

Staying in Tower Regency Hotel and Apartment just makes me felt like a home instead of staying in a hotel. It's so cozy, everything look like a home that make me love to sleep on the bed and just love staying in the whole apartment area. It gives more privacy for you with family or friends.

The room was nice, clean and lovely.

The toilet was very clean. The first thing I look for a comfortable stay was their toilet lol! Moreover, I love their breakfast because it's so yummy and it is the best thing to kick start my day! So it come to the end of the post! So sorry it took time for me to update and publish it. That's all for today. Adios 

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