PjH Explorace With Noor Neelofa

December 09, 2017

Hello guys! Finally I'm back with another post on my blog. For today, I would like to do a little sharing on my experience about a special event that I joined last week. I never take part in explorace (by car) before although I've always wanted to try. So, this is my very first time! I also invited my family to be in my team because I believe that we have a great teamwork  Also, with the family members around, the mood in the race could be more relaxed because of the comfort level between the family members haha!

This explorace was organized by Putrajaya Holdings Sdn Bhd which involved members of media and a local celebrity, Noor Neelofa! Basically, it gives the opportunity for the participants to explore the place and PjHomes properties while having fun in a thrilling race. 20 teams took part in the race and each comprising 4 team members.

We arrived to Menara PjH at 7:30 am. By 8:00 am, we went for registration and got these 2 car stickers - 1 to stick at left front door and the other one to stick at the right front door.

Each of us were also provided a drawstring back pack, t-shirt and breakfast to fill up our energy before we start the thrilling avenue!

Breakfast time!

Let's take some photos first!

We are ready!

The route of the race took us to various popular landmarks and PjHomes residential around the Putrajaya. At each of the stops, we required to complete specific tasks which consists answering head scratching questions, snapping wefie, taking on variety food tasting and adventurous physical challenges.


EATING CHALLENGE @ Restoran Nasi Kandar Darussalam

This is where the explorace got pretty exciting and the most difficult task that I've made!

A tiring journey! 2 and 1/2 hours flying out so fast where we finally have to arrive at the final checkpoint by 12:00 pm to send all the answers.

The lunch awaits us. But I didn't take my lunch since I'm still full due to the eating challenge! Then, there will be prize giving ceremony! The moment that we all have been waiting for to win cash prizes totalling RM10,000. To add the excitement, a lucky draw was also held featuring exciting prizes which are a smart phone, 32'' LED TV and other home appliances.

And we won 9th place!

And also got a lucky draw of 32'' LED TV!! All of us scream out loud when my sister's lucky draw number was called out. I'm the one that super excited haha!

Feel proud haha!

That's all about the PjH Explorace 2017. Even though it's a tiring 4 hours journey but I was having so much fun on that day! I hope my family feel the same way too! The valuable thing that I obtained from this event is the team building. It's also a good time for me to spend time with my family through the team building. Thanks PjHomes for the opportunity! It's already 12:45 am and I think I really have to sleep now. That's all for today! See you on my next post.

PjHomes provides residential neighborhoods and commercial hubs surrounding with modern lifestyle yet still greeny concept. Some of their projects are high-rise condominiums, hyperlink residences, luxury resort homes, business suites and latter encompasses thriving business and retail space. If you live here, you can easily access to KLIA, Cyberjaya, exclusive shopping mall and surrounding by beautiful scenery.

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