Tips To Taking Better Photos On Your Smartphone

July 23, 2017

I firmly believe that good photos come from smart photographers who think creatively and know how to make the most of what they have got. It can be taken with any kind of equipment even just with your smartphone. Today, I'm sharing a few tips to take your smartphone photography skill on the next level. Are you ready to become an expert in photography?

Here are the 6 most important tips to master your smartphone photography skill!

1. Focus on one subject
This is a thing that you should always do when you take a shot. Tap the screen of your smartphone to focus the camera on your subject. Don't just simply get your phone and take a picture. Remember, always FOCUS!

2. Use natural light
Natural light will always produce a better photo with realistic colour than the camera flash. The camera flash will make your photos will have those ugly shadows in the background that give your shot looks terrible. So, take advantage of natural light whenever you can instead using camera flash.

3. Avoid zooming
There's no problem zoom with a DSLR. It won't lose the photo quality. This is because, when you zoom, its lens will move or expand. However, zoom with a phone camera is not zooming with your lens but with you screen that might remove the pixels. So actually, it's better to crop the photos afterwards rather than zoom on your subject.

4. Edit your photos after you took the shot
It is better to edit your photos after you took the shot which all can be done on your smartphone. There's a chance you might not like it after add the filter and you still have the original photo. Don't worry, there are various powerful photo editor that would help you doing a few simple edits. So, shoot in no-filter mode then play around with the brightness, contrast, saturation, filter and more.

5. Turn on your grid
Not everything need to be centered especially when you are shooting some flat lay photos. Try out the grid function to make sure the horizon and entire picture is straight.

6. Make bird-eye view
The bird's eye view photography is when you look down on a subject from high position which represents the position that a bird would see the subject form. Why don't you try shooting from high up. This works best for natural light setting and really makes the color of you subject 'POP'!

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So what I'm trying telling you that you can shoot with every phone camera want as long as you still have passion for photography! You don't need a great camera to take better pictures. You just need the right photography tips. Now, take better pictures with these easy smartphone photography tips and you will be like a pro in no time! Practice makes perfect.

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