Site Visit To Beryl's Chocolate Factory

June 19, 2017

Finally! After 2 years studied in Nilai Polytechnic, we have been given the opportunity to go on a field trip. Our lecturer assigned us to make report based on our visit. After a discussion, we decided to choose Beryl's chocolate factory as our site visit that located in Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

As usual, we gathered at our department and went there by bus that took around 45 minutes from Nilai Polytechnic to reach there. It's a quite long journey that makes most of us get a bit sleepy along the way to the factory including me haha!

We finally arrived at our destination! There were also several groups from other university that came before us. So we had to wait for our turn since we arrived a bit earlier. From outside of the factory, its looks like a big Villa filled with chocolate goodies, nice decoration and background that let us to take some photos for remembrance! Of course, we won't missed the photo section! 

It's finally our turn and all of us were being guided to a mini theater that filled with strong chocolate smell for a brief show about the history of this local factory and their process of making chocolates. Their products have been exported to other 15 countries over the world which have made their success. The uniqueness of Beryl's chocolate lies in the various creative Malaysian flavors that infused into chocolate such as the famous chili padi chocolate, mango flavored chocolate and durian flavored chocolate.

Then, we proceed to the exhibition room with different types of chocolates on display and the history of cocoa. As we move around in exhibition room, we were fascinated by the sculptures, antique silverware, chocolate packaging, vintage posters and artifacts that used to make chocolate in times past. There also had the statue of cocoa god which ancient people believed that she can banish hunger and provide safety to them.

Our tour guide showed us an artifact of chocolate mold.

An old chocolate machine.

 Chocolate packaging!

Secretly took picture of my lecturer :p

Afterward, we walked through parts of the factory where there were machines and workers packing the chocolate. Unfortunately, photographs were strictly not allowed once we enter there. However, we were given the chance to take a peak the process of making chocolates.

We were then directed to the Chocolate Boutique where we bought some chocolates as souvenirs for our hardworking teachers and loving parents. It is cheaper than you purchase at supermarket!

It took us less than 30 minutes to complete the whole visit but we were still excited and laughed a lot throughout this visit. This was the first trip that we had together and we hope to have many more in the future. Since we love chocolate so much, it just glad to be there.

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