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April 14, 2017

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello everyone! I might not update my blog frequently but I'm really active in reading another people's blog. Since reading it my thing, I will always look up on the internet for new blog to be my daily reading and quench my literary thirst. Moreover, Pinterest and Bloglovin also always be my blog search engines. I recommend to you guys to use them since it's really super easy and fast. You can follow blogs and keep track on unread posts without scrolling through a list of blogs, wondering where the new stuff starts.

For today, I wanted to take a moment and highlight some of my favorite blogs. I read hundreds of new blogs each year. At the moment, I follow a few fashion type blogs and I love to read blogs about travel but most of blog reading time is spent on other lifestyle blogs. 

How do I choose which blog will be my favorites? To be sure, pretty design and awesome entry. I look for blogs that are well designed, unique in some way and plainly put. Too many widgets and advertisements sometimes make me stressful because these can make the blog become heavy and takes so much time for me to load everything.  I also come across a blog that give impacts in my life in a big way or has the potential that could impact another person's life. There is nothing scientific about the list that I'm going to make because sometimes I also think that blog is interesting or cool for some reason.

Here I list down my favorite blogs and I couldn't possibly list them all!

I hope you add them to your reading list and enjoy them as much as I do. Go check them out. It's worth reading  Read,enjoy, laugh and be inspired.

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  1. All the blogs stated above are worthy reading xD

  2. thanks for featuring my blog!!! <3333

  3. Oh I love paper love story!

  4. semua blog best! ada yang saya baru visit. hihihi

  5. They were awesome list of blogger. :D Some of them are my fave too.

  6. Thanks for sharing! Some of them are my favs too!