Kembara: Tadom Hill Resort

October 11, 2016

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello my great readers! It's time to continue for another trip of Kembara and this post will be the last trip for our club since the final exam is around the corner. From my previous posts, we have been to Broga Hill and Skytrex Adventure Shah Alam to improve our physical health, excitement and provide longer lasting memories. So, for the last trip was at Tadom Hill Resort, Banting that surrounded by almost 40 acres limestone hills, lakes and a man made beach hence it is a great sights for swimming. As usual, all of us was so excited especially when we heard that we going to have water activity which different than our previous trips. 

After we arrived, we were welcomed by a very friendly employee at the reception and we opted for a day pass trip. Besides that, they are also offered various option of accommodation for those who want to stay overnight such as Hammock Spheres, Bamboo Hut, Garden Tent Sites, Lakeside Tent Sites and the Genduit Chalets thus almost of its structures are built with bamboo. The fee is already includes the life jacket, picnic spot and all facilities at there. So, we can play at there for all day long. However, the lake is open until 6:30pm. 

Other than the accommodations, there's also have The Bamboo Hall as chilling area, Bamboo Showers and Toilets that are very clean and adequate, Bamboo Surau complete with telekung and sejadah, Groove Bar, BBQ area and The Bamboo Play Area for us to play many cools activities that are made from natural sources. Tadom Hill Cafe also provided near the entrance but the food price is a bit expensive. So, i personally recommend to bring your own food instead or make use of the BBQ pit that provided.

It's time to get splash!

Tadom Hill Resort also boasts many other features such as diving platforms, bamboo rafts, floating bamboo chairs, Tarzan swings, and Tadom Splash where we got to jump and literally dive down from 5 meter platform. Basically, the Tadom Hill Resort offers activities unparalleled in excitement, challenge and fun. Since i don't like to spiked up my adrenaline like everyone else, I rather to spend a lot with watching my friends showing off their jump skill from the high platform.

In all, we had so much fun in Tadom Hill Resorts and definitely worth visiting! Swimming is one of the best forms of all round exercise and an activity for everybody to get healthier, fitter or just have fun or relax. Overall, the place is very nice, breathtaking and it is very a good place for spending time together. Highly recommended for family and friends. That's all for this entry. For many more adventures to come! 

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  1. wahh macam best je buat rasa macam nak pergi

  2. @LdyNisa
    yes, it was amazing and this is the best trip that i've had. you probably should go and experience it :D