Kembara: Hiking at Broga Hill

September 25, 2016

Assalamualaikum wbt and hey folks! Kembara, a club that are specifically for students that are interested in joining adventure and extreme activities. Every week we will going for a trip and our first trip was hiking at Broga Hill. Broga Hill is a place where hikers frequently drop by to see the view of morning sunrise but since we started hiking in afternoon, we just drop by for some beautiful aerial views of the countryside.

All of us arrived at 3.00pm on that day and the drive to the foot of Broga Hill from Politeknik Nilai took us for 1 hour. Since it's a weekday, no one there except for our groups.

The trail was pretty easy. We passed by the oil palm estate then a forest with two trails that leads to the same way. After climbed up the little steps hill that created by humans' footstep, we finally reached the first peak and no tress covering the hill that makes the hill hot during the late afternoon.

Basically, there are three peaks of Broga Hill but it started to rain after we reached the first peak so we have to get back to our starting point. Luckily, I brought along plastic to protect my smartphone. The hike down was not as fast as we expected. It gets really slippery and muddy thus most of us even slipped and got minor scratches.

Anyway, it was a good hike even its make us sweat and wet due to the rain. Fun enough to make it memorable and keep us alive plus energetic post-hiking. A good place indeed and good place for new hikers. Stay tuned with our next trip and thank you for reading my blog!

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