Trip To Brunei #5

May 24, 2016

Last day in Brunei, we headed to a local market that overflowing with fresh local vegetables, fruits and dried fish products. I always find the markets to be a great place for encounters with the locals.

Ice cream on paper with chocolate and mint flavor, yummy!

Lastly, we headed to Tengku beach to catch a beautiful sunset. The beach was safe for swimming and I can saw some people preparing for a barbecue. We just sitting on the breakwater have a mesmerizing time watching the sunset that usually catch between 530pm-630pm.

Tengku beach was the one of the cleanest beach in Brunei. It is a quiet, peaceful beach and also perfect for family picnic.

Our drawing on beach hahaha!

A beautiful sunset awaits you here in Tungku beach

It is time to go home

I guess this is the end of the post and finally my trip to Brunei posts are completely done! During my holiday in Brunei, I learned why most people want live in Brunei. This is because the social system in substantial, with no income tax, gas at 30 cents a litre, free medical care and study fees and significant housing subsidies. However I still proud to be Malaysian. Malaysia is my home and forever to be my home! A great day I spent with my family and I wish there will be more adventure on next time. Adios!

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