Trip To Brunei #3

May 24, 2016

Third day in brunei was a delightful day. We had makan-makan (breakfast) at my aunty sister's house. To be honest, all of them are so friendly, gentle and very polite. They gave the best hospitality and I feel like vvip hahaha. 

After that, we went to Tasek that always been the right place to keep fit and increase stamina for many people in Brunei but we decided to just have some walk and taking photos. Moreover, we want to see the most popular waterfall in Brunei. Unfortunately, the waterfall was dried maybe because of the hot season. We felt a bit disappointed.

Next, we raced at high speed across the calm nearby river in a water taxi which brought us to the Kampong Ayer water village. Kampong Ayer is known as the village on stilts and one of the unique sights that must seen in Brunei. Its already 1300 years which also considered part of their culture and history. There was also a small museum called Kampong Ayer cultural and tourism gallery where you can read information about early Bruneian life especially about Kampong Ayer. You also can see a small collection of artifacts and play with a few Bruneian traditional games at there.

Longest bridge in Brunei but still under construction.

All houses sit above water with the help of huge and strong stilts while wooden planks connect everything together.

They have their own school, fire station, gas station, mosque, etc and of course all of them were on stilts.

Water taxi, a small motor boat that people use as daily public transportation and it is a cheap ride!

Lunch at my aunt sister's restaurant and I had butter prawn which was my favorite!

We made a quick lunch and proceed next to Jerudong park. It is a amusement park that have been reopened with new upgrades and development. I remember that Jerudong park used to be place where I spent my childhood with my family. During normal season, the adult tickets would cost around 15 dollar and give you access to all the rides and playgrounds but it doesn't include the water park.

Our first stop was the roller coaster. I love going on roller coaster that just gives me opportunity to scream out loud! However, the ride was too short! I remember back in the days, they used to have a lot of extreme rides. They have erected a few new rides like the impressive ferris wheel but still a bit sad to see that none of the old rides survived. After that, we went to jump zone, ferris wheel, mini golf, junior pirate ship, bumper car, laser tag and water park!

Jump zone

Ferris wheel

Mini golf

Bumper car

Water Park

Jerudong Park usually closed at 11pm and was not glorious and crowded as I remember. But it is still a good place to be with your family or friends in the weekend. They also closed for a while during the prayer time. Honestly, it is fun to get one of the rides and laugh plus scream like a kid. However, our fun did not last longer. My sister's smartphone lost after the laser tag and I was feel so sorry to her. She just bought her new phone and all the photos were in it. Suppose to ride the merry go round but our mood had change after the tragedy.

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  1. Bestnyaaaa ... Nanti bawak aku pulak eh hahahah

  2. Bestnyaaaa ... Nanti bawak aku pulak eh hahahah

  3. caner eh suasana kat brunei tu
    sure aman damai kan
    syoklah dpt merasa p sana

  4. @el
    haah sangat aman. insyaallah nnt akak pergi la juga ye ^_^

  5. waalaikumsalam.. wah.. bestnya tempat2 ni :)