Trip To Brunei #2

May 24, 2016

On the second day, Aunty Mayang brought us to her brother's restaurant to have a breakfast at Kampung Subok. I had Nasi Lemak Daging for 1 dollar only! To be honest, food at here was much cheaper compare to Malaysia. So hello food lover! You should go here for a food trip!

Selfie with Aunty Mayang 

It was a time to hit a Kampung Ayer Museum where they had all the history of Kampung Ayer culture. For your information, there was no entrance fees for all museum in Brunei. At that time, I had a feeling that our time would worth the visit haha! After we entered inside the museum, we found that the place is even larger than we initially thought it would be. There were 3 floors in the museum and people from different age groups and countries were closely observing the museum. However, some parts was prohibited for taking photo.

After visited the museum, we had a lunch at Bandar Seri Begawan to try Ambuyat where I'm not sure the name of the restaurant. Ambuyat is a Bruneian delicacy which yes is a very authentic and unique. In essence, it is a pot of white sticky, slimy goo made of sago and it tastes of absolutely nothing. To spice things up, the flavorless sago is dipped into a sauce so what you are effectively tasting is the sauce itself. I got chili sauce though I do heard that some people were served a durian version. I put chopsticks into the pot and lifted a portion up like lifting noodles. It turned out the upon lifting then the chopsticks need to be rotated a few times to wrap the sago into a wad. I tried it and voila!! It so delicious!

This is the Ambuyat that taste soooo good!

Happy tummy!

For dinner, we decided to eat sushi at Kaizen Sushi in waterfall Bandar Seri Begawan which still the one of the edible Japanese restaurant in town. The food variety are big in size, plentiful and so fresh! I don't even know what to eat first!

Upon arriving the place, we were welcomed by the Japanese zen themes garden. The restaurant was huge and spacious! There was sushi bar with high chairs where customers who prefer to enjoy their food while watching how the chefs prepare the sushi. Others, normal dining table and Japanese coffee table which the table was much lower and more authentic.

The menu was kinda different from its main branch in many ways and even the price was much more expensive compared to other local Japanese restaurant. However, I found it reasonable because I really would love to point out the fact that their salmon was really fresh and other were delicious.


Then, we headed to Pasar Gadong night market that was extremely clean. I was surprised by how the appetizing the food looked fresh, vibrant fruits and vegetables lay aside thick cut of lamb, grilled fish, sausages, noodles and beef, satay. There was even one stand selling hamburgers Brunei-style. The night market was open year round from 4pm until 11pm. It is an ideal place to sample local food.

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