Trip To Brunei #1

May 18, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello guys! Finally, I got time to start blogging about my Brunei trip that my family and I have visited earlier this month (and this was the third time visit hahaha!). The reason why we often went there because my aunt lives there. So we want to visit her and at the same time we going for holiday!

Even our flight was on afternoon, we have to leave earlier because it took about 2 hours for us to reach at airport from our home. But first, we got our breakfast at mamak restaurant and I had instant noodles for alas perut. 

My mom decided to leave her car at KLIA express and we went to the airport by train. This was my first experience! The train was really fast and it took only 10 minutes for us to arrive.  

So many stuffs!

And finally we arrived at the airport!

While waiting for our flight, we had a breakfast again at KFC to recharge our energy while let my niece played at the playground.

Okay guys, it's time to fly!


Here was my lunch, rice with Asam Pedas and free of charge. That's why I always love Malaysia airlines.

Alhamdulillah, finally I'm in Brunei! I still felt unreal to be really in Brunei after a long flight from Malaysia (not really long actually, only for 2 hours huhuhu). I was so excited to start my adventure with explore the country when I spotted there was so many nice buildings that beyond my expectation.

Meet my Aunty Mayang. She fetched us at the airport and we will stay at her house.

It was 34 degrees here so we need to wear a clothes made by good fabric which has a cold effect.

My aunty brought us to her mom's house for a real lunch. The food was amazing plus my stomach was empty at that time. It need to fill it up with food! 

At night, we had so much fun with an amazing dinner and the food was so fantastic. Everything was delicious especially the amazing dessert that looked so tempting. I still can't move on because feel regrets for not taking photos. Here, we were taking photo in front of the Sultan's palace. Then, we had a car trip at the capital city called Bandar Seri Begawan. This is an Islamic country with colorful mosques and women sporting the tell-tale headscarves. The city center after dark was called a ghost town where everyone has driven their cars out to their fancy houses. Most of the restaurants bustling by day are closed with only a handful of restaurants and coffee shops left open. I was surprised not seeing many motorbikes on the road. Not once I heard a car horn during my entire visit.

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  1. bestnyee..hhahaha..update blog lagii..

  2. please update soon. nak baca heeee

  3. Wahh bestnya pergi Brunei. I lama teringin nak pergi.

  4. @alya @atheeradayana
    sure! i will update soon! :D

  5. @dora atiqah
    sis should go too! :D